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Effective Typography

Effective Typography

Clear communications is what our interactive brochures seek to manage. Planning and designing a website is a lot like designing a magazine (maintaining a constant identity while the content changes).

Type, though, looks a lot different on screen than on paper.
There are typographic guidelines in order to seperate parts of the content within a website. Some of them are:
1. Use classic design rules of composition and type’s optimal line length (+-50 characters per line, regardless of type size or font used).

2. Limit your typeface use to two fonts, one light in colour, the other dark. The light font is usually a serif and the darker a sans serif.
3. TrueType fonts are preferable for electronic design.
4. Maximize contrast between type and background.
5. Use powerful and few colours (i.e. black, white and orange. Black and white for contrast and orange because it looks powerful in both black and white).
6. Use downloadable fonts.

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