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Web 2.0 design Generators

Web 2.0 design Generators

Would you like to add a little bit of web 2.0 flair in your designs? Web 2.0 design styles have been a very popular trend the last year or so and, consequently, many online generators have been developed to help you make our life easier. Whether you’re looking for web 2.0 styled buttons, backgrounds, logos or tabs, there is a free online generator to do it quickly for you!

Stripes Generator
Web 2.0 Stripes Generator

Stripe DesignerStripe Designer

Online Ribbon Generator
Online Ribbon Generator

Web 2.0 BudgesWeb 2.0 Budges

Fresh Badge GeneratorFresh Badge Generator

Loader GeneratorLoader Generator

Favicon EditorFavicon Editor

Favicon GeneratorFavicon Generator

Tabs GeneratorTabs Generator

Button MakerButton Maker


Logo Creator
Logo Creator

Web 2.0 Logo CreatorWeb 2.0 Logo Creator

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  2. Ryan Says:

    Great post. I visited a bunch of these sites and there are some very slick tools. Good one to bookmark.

  3. Cambridge web design Says:

    Thanks for sharing all those handy web 2.0 links - very useful indeed!

  4. Pages tagged "web 2.0" Says:

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  5. Gary Says:

    What’s a Web 2.0 Budge? :)

  6. Havvy Says:

    Web 2.0 means people sharing with network sharing with people. What you have is more 2k8 graphic fads and trends along with a favicon generator. You can’t generate true Web 2.0 websites…

  7. mgb Says:

    the last link, Web 2.0 Logo Creator, is meant to be a joke! and now its considered a useful resource.

  8. Web content Says:

    Nice stuff.. very helpful

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    […] Web 2.0 design generators: generadores de botones, banners, tabs, favicons. Muy útiles para los que no somos diseñadores. ENTRADAS RELACIONADAS: […]

  10. Anselmo Says:

    Good resources, except the logo generator 😉

  11. Peter Says:

    Quickribbon launched a Trojan (virus) alert. Is this service reliable?

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    […] 2.0 design generators Venerdì 11 Aprile 2008 alle 2:24 pm Pubblicato da Albanese Paolo propone una lista di generatori grafici in vero stile 2.0 ottima da tenere a portata di mano.Alla […]

  13. Paolo Says:

    I also add and

  14. Matthew Hill Says:

    This is nonsense. Web 2.0 is not a design aesthetic, it is the concept of user interaction, social networking and user generated content. These tools, while very clever, just perpetuate current fashions to create unoriginal, “me too” designs. Meh.

  15. Libor Fikr Says:

    I love your list.

  16. Weekly Web Tools » The Return of Free Web Tools Says:

    […] CSS Addict Web 2.0 Tools I came across CSS addict and thought, “Oh here we go again, but when I started playing with their “Web 2.0 tools” I thought, “Wow, I might actually use these!” as there is some very cool stuff. The tools include: badger designers, stripe makers, loader generators, favicon editor, tab genertor, button makers, logo creators, and they are all FREE. […]

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  26. bigup Says:

    Excellent article, there is that is cool tool too 😉

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    […] Cssaddict publican una selección con los mejores generadores en línea para darle estilo web 2.0 a tus […]

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  29. billdakelski Says:

    Cliche rules!

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  31. Web Design Says:

    Web 2.0 is very popular among many clients. This is a great resource, thank you for posting!

  32. Extremisimo Says:

    […] Cssaddict publican una selección con los mejores generadores en línea para darle estilo web 2.0 a tus […]

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    […] Enlace - CssAdicts […]

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  35. petnos Says:

    good list.

  36. ZombieLoffe Says:

    Web 2.0 is NOT and will never be a design aesthetic. Propagating it as such is misleading.

  37. prelox Says:

    I love web 2.0 generators as it is a very quick way to get website ideas up and running without being a designer by profession.

  38. Kelly Martin Says:

    nice … I am new at web 2.0

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    […] me encontré con este sitio que nos brinda esta colección de Herramientas Web 2.0 que porque no podría ser una gran oportunidad para darle ese toque tan popular en este […]

  41. Teena Osorio Says:

    nice contribution…will take note of your site, in fact i just bookmarked it for future reference…thanks

  42. pedant Says:

    ..thank you :)

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  45. author Says:

    1.Hola necesito que me alluden pues quierop una web unik donde pueda comerciar, pues la que me creo la creo demaciado perfe y la voy a guardar para especialidades, gueno lo que quiero es que me creen una normalita que no sea tan exagerada, suerte si ban a vicitar la pagina y espero sus respuesta..!

  46. Ryan Says:

    Nice list!

    I have a dropdown menu generator which would be suitable for your list … PixoPoint dropdown menu CSS generator

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    Thanks for the list

  48. Josh Darville Says:

    Really good site. Check out another one though. This blends video with graphics, text and music.

    Great presentation on this site.

    [email protected]

  49. Web 2.0 Design Tutorials « Hone Watson Bookmarks Says:

    […] Web 2.0 Design Generators. […]

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    Excellent article, there is that is cool tool too

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    Great list. Some really useful web design tools here. Thanks for sharing.

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    Very Cool~~~~!!!!

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    Yep - I would agree with that.. Thanks for the line.

  54. welmempache Says:

    Hello my friends :)

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    Ty this Page:

  56. Richard’s Blog » Blog Archive » Web 2.0 Generators & Resources Says:

    […] Web 2.0 Design Generators. […]

  57. Web 3 Graphics Says:


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    […] guys over at CSS addict have a great article about web 2.0 design products that I though everyone would enjoy. As of late […]

  59. Pawel Says:


    There’s an error in the HREF to Stripe Designer.

    Aside from that fact, this is an interesting list of tools :)


  60. Richard’s Blog » Blog Archive » Even More Design Generators Says:

    […] A Collection of Web 2.0 Design Generators […]

  61. Qaiser Says:

    WaOwW….nice designs

  62. Kostenlos SMS versenden Says:

    Wow thanks a nice collection

  63. sergii Says:

    Not really generator but stays close to it, - web based background patterns designer

  64. Ayaz’s Blog » Blog Archive » Online Generators for Web 2.0 Design Says:

    […] Web 2.0 design Generators […]

  65. David Lake Says:

    Awesome site that makes life easier for us. Thanks for the info.

    David Lake

  66. Mia Tyler Says:

    Hey!…Thanks for the nice read, keep up the interesting posts..

  67. Personal Trainer Says:

    Thanks for all these generators I will definitely try to use some.

  68. background generator Says:

    […] […]

  69. trobrock Says:

    Very useful resource for web developer’s who either lack graphic design skills, such as myself, or that just want to save time

  70. free logo designs Says:

    […] […]

  71. David Mackey Says:

    Nice list. Thanks.

  72. Colin Says:

    Nice list! The logo creator is great if you aren’t on a computer with illustrator / photoshop and need to bop out a quick logo…

  73. Web2.0设计生成工具 | 天涯海阁 Says:

    […] CSSAddit上面分享了一篇Web 2.0 design Generators,很不错,和打家分享一些,主要是一些Web2.0相关的在线设计生成工具,包括Favicon,Button,Logo等等。 […]

  74. Web Buttons by Benny Says:

    Your list provided a specific tool that I need! Thanks for your efforts.

  75. Praveen Says:

    I am using to create my favicons. This site also contains other useful tools.

  76. Web 2.0 Designer Says:

    Many people are commonly incorrect in thinking that the term “Web 2.0″ relates to the concept of user interaction. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Web 2.0 opens up an entire new world of design aesthetics. Web 2.0 also allows developers to reach a new level of client-side programming through the use of AJAX, which was specifically developed for Web 2.0 by O’Reilly.

  77. CSS:Jockey Says:

    Nice Resource, I am sure a few new designers are using these tools to increase productivity however I prefer doing it myself with Adobe Products.

    Good Post - Keep it up!!

  78. WebWonderBoy Says:

    Web 2.0:

    Creativity (Deprecated) - the use of imagination or original ideas.

  79. Jarek Says:

    Hieee….. I guess you haven’t checked out this blog that I came across lately…… I really want you to go through it n leave a comment on d same…..hope you do it.

  80. Fabse-on-Blog» Blogarchiv » Hilfe für “Web 2.0 Design” Says:

    […] letztendlich gibt es auch noch eine Hand voll Generatoren, die einem einzelne Elemente komfortabel erzeugen […]

  81. lokendra singh Says:


  82. Game Economy Says:

    Can’t we call the Web2.0 glossy design officially dead yet?

  83. Danh ba web 2.0 Says:

    Wonderful list. Thanks you very much
    Keep up the good work !

  84. Eddie Adams’ weblog » web 2.0 Says:

    […] web 2.0 Posted by: admin in Uncategorized […]

  85. Fanny Says:


    An excellent website who allow to create animated emoticons :

    Easy and very cool 😉

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    Yea, it is really nice collection, it will help me a lot.


  87. Flash Designer Says:

    Great Web 2.0 stuff!

  88. aggywanda Says:

    I would suggest adding I found it to be easier to use than the stripe generator and the possibilities are endless.

  89. Steve Says:

    Sweet, just twitterd.

  90. Kevinwu’s Weblog » Blog Archive » Web2.0设计生成工具 Says:

    […] CSSAddit上面分享了一篇Web 2.0 design Generators,很不错,和打家分享一些,主要是一些Web2.0相关的在线设计生成工具,包括Favicon,Button,Logo等等。 […]

  91. Corporate Web Design Says:

    Very useful! I still love this one just for laughs:-


  92. Arcadian Says:

    I suppose in some ways these type of web apps do just perpetuate an increasingly cliched web design aesthetic but they can come in handy and they’re at least fun to play with.

    Pushing pixels around the old fashioned way is a whole different matter however! Anyone interested in that and these sort of lists might want to check out my roundup of resources for making pixel pattern backgrounds.

  93. CMH Team Says:

    Wow!! thanks 4 grest lists.

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    Great list! Thanks for sharing :-)

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    […] 20 Web Design Generators […]

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    Love this site thank you very much for creating it. I am trying to create a logo for my new micro blogger site. Been fun doing it here!

  99. Dennis Says:

    Love this site!! Wow!! Oops I already left a Comment

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    […] optimization seo'; hopfeed_path=’'; hopfeed_link_target=’_blank'; Web 2.0 design Generators | CSSAddictWould you like to add a little bit of web 2.0 flair in your designs? Web 2.0 design styles have been […]

  107. weine Says:

    I liked Web 2.0 design, maybe today it is less in fashion.

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    Thanx i love web 2.0 design

  109. daka Says:

    I love those loaders….great thing… if I had this last month I could use it but now I know where to find it

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    i am looking for redesign of my site in web 2.0 style and currently looking for a good designer. Do you do? or is there anyone out there?


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    […] CSSAddit上面分享了一篇Web 2.0 design Generators,很不错,和打家分享一些,主要是一些Web2.0相关的在线设计生成工具,包括Favicon,Button,Logo等等。 […]

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  140. STATE OF_ blog • 10 must-have tools voor webdesigners Says:

    […] Web 2.0 design Generators - CSSAddict heeft een verzameling gemaakt in deze blogpost van verschillende generators […]

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