Cloud 9 Affiliate Program

Cloud 9 Affiliate Program

Completely new design from wireframe provided by the company. I have used authoritative colours for this site, since the site mainly targets mature men and needs to underline words like wealth, business and natural products. Minimum resolution, is for 1024×768 screens.

XHTML 1.0 Strict / CSS 2.0 template development.

WordPress 2.5 was used as a CMS for this website. A few tricks and plugins turned the backend of this site into a fully functional CMS. Again, the beauty of this system allowed the full validation of the code without any problems.

I will post the url of the website as soon as it becomes available online.

About CSS addict

CSSaddict is the personal space of Vicky Gourgouri, a web designer from Greece who loves the advantages several CSS techniques provide for getting beautiful designs online. She has designed and developed this space so she can exhibit her work, write about the new web trends and provide excellent resources on web design and development.