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Does CSS / XHTML development pay YOU back?

Does CSS / XHTML development pay YOU back?

CSS and XHTML tableless development, most certainly, requires more time than the old school ways of development. And as if this isn”t enough, web standardization comes over to remind us of the constant testing we need to realize in order to make sure the site is accessible. As a result, a lot of time is being consumed in testing and correcting. This procedure, most certainly, proves to be costly for web design agencies that care about the quality of work they will hand over to their clients.

The clients, on the other, don”t really care about the way you will decide to develop (fortunately, some do!) their site. They only need their website done over with, at an “affordable price”! Coming to terms with like-minded clients, proves very costly for the agency or the freelancer, and the only one to rip the rewards is, of course, the client.

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