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CSS Tab Menus.. you can’t live without

CSS Tab Menus.. you can’t live without

If you have reached this post, then you are probably a web designer seeking to make it easy on you. Creating tab menus from scratch can be tricky, if you haven’t done it before.

You should have heard of the Sliding Doors Technique, first introduced in 2003 by ‘A List Apart’. If you haven’t it is never too late to find out this clever technique written by Douglas Bowman, so you can make beautiful, compatible CSS Tabs. You can find his article here.

If you’re in a great hurry and want it here and now,

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Effective Typography

Effective Typography

Clear communications is what our interactive brochures seek to manage. Planning and designing a website is a lot like designing a magazine (maintaining a constant identity while the content changes).

Type, though, looks a lot different on screen than on paper.
There are typographic guidelines in order to seperate parts of the content within a website. Some of them are:
1. Use classic design rules of composition and type’s optimal line length (+-50 characters per line, regardless of type size or font used).

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Choosing the right colour

Choosing the right colour

The process of choosing the right colour for your website design should be seperated into four major steps:

1. First, define the goal and mood of your design.
2. Then choose the colour that expresses best the particular mood.
3. Afterwards, play with the swatches and create colour themes.
4. Finally, refine your options down to the best possible scheme.

If on the other hand, you do not have the time to experiment on the best colour scheme you can use for your website, there are alternatives. There are many colour resources online. You can mix and match your colours easily by using one of the following urls:

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